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Deep Cleaning Services

Home deep cleaning, housekeeping services, facility management, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, sofa cleaning, chair cleaning, office deep cleaning, deep cleaning, floor enhancement, fabric protection treatment, blind cleaning, pantry services, facade cleaning, chair cleaning, marble polishing, furniture enhancement & upholstery cleaning, and paint treatment are all provided by Safal Hospitality & Maintenance Services.

We wipe clean all surfaces in the home, including Walls, Kitchen (Steam Cleaning) tables, countertops, appliances, chairs, dressers, window sills & Glass, balcony, sink basins and faucets.

What do we deep clean ?

1. Bathrooms

2. Living Rooms

3. Kitchens

4. Laundry Rooms

6. Kids’ Rooms

7. Swimming Pool

8. Gym

9. Sofa Wash

10. Mattress Wash

11. Parking

Office Cleaning Services :

  • Office Cleaning can help you maintain a happier and healthier workplace. Clients and employees benefit from a clean environment. Disinfecting surfaces reduces the spread of cold and flu viruses, helping to reduce downtime for company employees. Different types of office spaces will require subtle changes to prioritize in order to create and maintain a professional and healthy environment.

  • Cleaning lists are comprised of the absolute minimum tasks that must be completed in order to keep an office clean and sanitary for office workers. Cleaning lists will address communal areas of an office, including the reception or lobby area, workspaces (offices or cubicles), washrooms and the kitchen area.

Services Includes :

  • Start by doing a high dusting or all vents and light fixtures.

  • Vacuum all blinds, drapes, windowsills, tracks, etc.

  • Dust all walls and clean all light switches.

  • Dust all doors and clean all doorknobs.

  • Dust all baseboards.

  • Empty trash/recycle, replace liners, clean bins.

  • Dust and wipe down all surfaced (as employees to remove everything from their desks).

  • Clean and sanitize all computer keyboards and screen.

  • Do a machine scrub on restrooms floors. This will help eliminate urine smell.

  • Redo the caulk around the toilets and sinks, deep mopping the floors.

Residential Cleaning Services :

  • Is your home overdue for a cleaning? Do you need help with party cleanup? Whatever your case may be, our professional house cleaners at Clean Sheen can make sure your residence is in tip-top shape. You’ll be relieved to learn we provide the same level of care with our occasional cleaning services as we do with our regular cleaning services.

  • When you hire us for your house cleaning, you will have the most complete, most thorough professional housekeeping services available! We customize the cleaning of your home to meet your needs and expectations. Our services are available for quarterly, halfly, annually cleanings.

Services Includes :

Kitchen :

  • Clean and disinfect countertops.

  • Clean and shine appliances· Clean stovetop and burner pans.

  • Clean inside and outside of microwave.

  • Wipe down front of oven and refrigerator.

  • Wash cupboard fronts.

  • Wipe down table and chairs.

  • Sweep and mop kitchen floor.

Throughout House :

  • Dust furniture, window ledges, frames, knick-knacks, and baseboards.

  • Dust window blinds, as needed.

  • High dust ceilings for cobwebs.

  • Spot clean walls, doorjambs, and light switches for fingerprints.

  • Clean mirrors, front and back door glass, and picture glass.

  • Vacuum or sweep and mop all floors.

  • Clean or dust hanging light fixtures and fans, as needed.

Bathrooms :

  • Clean and disinfect sink, toilet, and tub – inside and out.

  • Wipe down cabinet fronts.

  • Clean and shine mirror, shower doors, and picture glass.

  • Dust door frames, raised panels, window ledges, etc.

  • Sweep and mop floor on hands and knees.

Bedroom :

  • Dust furniture and knick-knacks.

  • Mop floors and under beds, if possible.

  • Windows and Window Glasses.

Industrial Cleaning Services :

  • Whatever you need cleaned – from the front office, the warehouse or the plant floor itself – Clean Sheen has the equipment, expertise and experience to get the job done right. Our experts create a clean and positive environment for your facility and work around your schedule to help ensure your operation stays productive.

  • We listen to your needs and respond with a customized plan specific to your facility, scheduled to best fit your business operations. Beyond keeping your facility clean, we help promote a safer working environment for your employees.

Services Includes :

  • Daily housekeeping service.

  • High roof cleaning.

  • Deep stains removal.

  • Tank and sump cleaning.

  • Vacuuming service for powder material.

  • Manufacturing plants.

  • Pharmaceutical Plant.

  • Refrigeration and cold storage buildings.

  • Distribution centers.

  • Power plants , Labs.

Glass facade cleaning :

  • It takes a lot of experience and knowledge to clean the glass or aluminum façade of high-rise buildings as well as other high-elevation surfaces on the inside and outside, like elevated ceilings and building signage. If not done correctly, these duties carry a substantial risk for the operator and the general public.

  • Therefore, careful planning, the utilization of cutting-edge technology, and highly skilled employees are critical elements that cannot be ignored. And we never skimp on the quality of our deliveries.

  • Our team of professionals in cleaning high-rise glass facades has more than 6 years of experience, and they receive ongoing, in-depth instruction straight from the equipment makers.

What makes us different from others ?

  • We are having professionally trained guards.

  • Well built and good physic guards.

  • We offer services at an affordable budget.

  • Our security guards are reliable and will protect you making their life at stake.

Why choose us ?

  • Providing support 24*7 to its clients for untoward situations

  • Quick Response & Excellence mechanism that ensures timely resolution of issues

  • Timely payment to our employees Guard & Legal Compliance

  • Affordable fees